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Assertive Consulting

Elite Security is now offering a consulting service providing security professionals who will review the proposed security plan and scrutinize the operations of the security company you decide to use for your event. Initially, we will review the company’s staff and the security plan including the suggested posts, hours to be covered and other significant components of an effective plan.

Elite will also make on site visits during the event to assure you are getting what you need and what you are paying for (and not a lot less than you pay for, as is unfortunately is the case in many instances). Elite will also verify that all city and state license requirements are met by the security company. At the end of the event, we will review the billing you receive to insure its accuracy.

Essentially, Elite, on your behalf, will be assertive, will ask the tough questions and will do an in-depth review of the proposed security plan relying on our extensive background and understanding of the security market and the major venues in Las Vegas, Florida and Massachusetts.

For more details and a quote, please complete the information below and we will quickly provide a proposal that fits your needs.

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If you decide to retain Elite Security consulting services, we will prepare an engagement letter customized for your event.