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Company Principals

Ted FaraceTED FARACE, Qualifying Agent, State of Nevada License #1392 was a member of the New York City Police Department for 23 years, advancing in less than four years from the uniform detail to the Detective Division. After promotion to the Detective Division, Ted shortly achieved Detective second grade status while working in various investigative units including Burglary, Robbery and Financial Frauds. His well-recognized expertise, particularly in the area of financial frauds, led to his appointment by NYPD to work with the FBI on the elite Joint NYC Bank Robbery Task Force. This assignment lasted for the final six years of Ted’s career with NYPD. Upon retiring in 1987, Ted joined the Security Department of the investment bank, JP Morgan Bank. In 1989, he was promoted to Vice President, Director of Security and developed a global security operation for the firm. Ted built the once domestic security operation into a global team of 250 highly trained and motivated personnel with direct reporting offices in London, Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong, Mexico City, Moscow, South Africa and Paris. In 1992, Ted was promoted to the position of Managing Director at the firm and held that position until retiring in 2001. He was a Board member of the International Banking Security Association (IBSA) and Chair of the Protection Committee of the New York Clearing House. He also sat on the Executive Committee of the NYPD, Association of Private Police Liaison (APPL).

Ted is President, Coordinator and founder of the Volunteer Homeland Reserve Unit (VHRU) a group of 300 former law enforcement personnel, who provide support to local law enforcement in a time of crisis.


Frank Bruton passed away suddenly September 28, 2016. Elite Security Specialists will never be the same without Frank. He will be missed but never forgotten.

In honor of Frank, a memorial scholarship fund was created for members and their families.  Click here for more information.