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Elite Security Specialists is an experienced provider of coverage for major high-end trade shows and conventions. In order to assure that service is designed to meet the clients’ specific needs, the principals, Ted Farace and Frank Bruton, involve themselves in all facets affecting security at your show or convention. Security officers providing coverage at the event are drawn from a specialized group of former law enforcement personnel and other carefully selected professionals. This service is unique in Las Vegas, Florida and Massachusetts and is structured to give you peace of mind while you attend to the other important elements of the show or convention.


One of the major concerns executives have is their safety and that of their families. The high profile positions and the constant appearances in the public by these individuals create a serious risk. Protecting executives from threats or bodily harm requires special training and awareness by those assigned to protect that individual. Having years of experience in law enforcement and the military gives our staff the edge, which distinguishes Elite Security from other security firms.

Elite Security Specialists staff will meet with the client, assess the threat level and take appropriate action to put together a plan to reduce the risk. The key to a successful executive protection role is planning, knowledge, equipment, dedication and professionalism. Elite Security Specialists offer all these to you.


Elite Security Specialists offers a full range of investigative options provided by a local affiliate member firm licensed in the State of Nevada.

Our investigators are former law enforcement professionals who have an established record of investigative experience. Documentation of the investigation, as well as any court testimony, is part of the resource provided.


Elite Security Specialists offers a wide range of security coverage throughout the United States and abroad. Our network of affiliates can assist in the preplanning for your security needs, utilizing our trained professionals who will deliver what every discriminating customer demands integrity, dedication and honesty.

For those clients who have events or executives traveling outside of the United States, Elite Security Specialists has the facilities to provide you with a superior level of protection. In the high-tension world of today, you need the confidence of dealing with a firm that you can trust will give you and your employee’s thorough, hands-on and seamless attention. Elite Security Specialists is committed to detailed advance planning and understanding of all aspects of the client’s needs, allowing you as care free an experience as possible. We have relationships in virtually every major capital in the world and can put together and implement a comprehensive security plan fitting your individual requirements.

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